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Business License Requirements

Before applying for a business license, please review the following requirements. Links to related resources are below.

  • Establish A Business Entity

    Determine if you will conduct business as a sole proprietor, partnership (limited, limited liability, or general), a limited liability company or as a for profit or non-profit corporation. Unless you conduct your business as a sole proprietorship you must file papers with the Secretary of State's office located at:

    Secretary of State - Business Programs Division
    1500 11th Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 653-2318

  • File Tax and Employer Papers

    The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) administers personal and corporate income and franchise taxes for the State of California. If you have further questions, please contact the FTB at:

    Franchise Tax Board
    464 West 4th Street, Room 454
    San Bernardino, CA 92401-1419
    (909) 852-5711
    (800) 852-5711

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues federal employer identification numbers and administers federal payroll taxes, including social security, Medicare, federal unemployment insurance and federal income tax withholding. For more information, please contact:

    Internal Revenue Service
    290 N. D St.
    San Bernardino CA 92401

    The State Board of Equalization (BOE) issues seller's permits and is responsible for the administration and collection of the states sales and use, fuel, alcohol, tobacco, and other special taxes and fees.

    State Board of Equalization
    3737 Main Street #1000
    Riverside, CA 92501
    (909) 680-6400

    The Employment Development Department (EDD) issues state employer identification numbers, (SEIN) and administers California's payroll taxes, including Unemployment Insurance, Employment Training Tax, State Disability Insurance, and California Personal Income Tax withholding.

    Employment Development Department
    464 West 4th Street, Room 454 A
    San Bernardino, CA 92401

  • Obtain Other Required Licenses

    You may also be required to obtain other special license(s) or permits from the State of California, County of San Bernardino, or other agencies prior to applying for your Business License. To determine which occupations and businesses require additional licenses or permits you may wish to contact the regional Permit Assistance Center at:

    Inland Empire Permit Assistance Center
    2038 Iowa Avenue, Suite 100
    Riverside, CA 92507

    Auto Repair
    Bureau of Auto Repair

    3737 Main Street, Suite 850
    Riverside, CA 92501
    (951) 782-4250

    Contractors Licensing
    Contractor State Licensing Board

    1845 Business Center
    San Bernardino, CA 92408
    (909) 370-4583

    Health Permit
    County of San Bernardino

    Environmental Health Services
    385 North Arrowhead, 2nd Floor
    San Bernardino, CA 92415
    (909) 387-4608

    Liquor Licenses
    Alcohol Beverage Control

    3737 Main Street, Suite 900
    Riverside, CA 92501
    (951) 782-4400

    Wages and Labor Standards
    Department of Industrial Relations
    464 W. Fourth Street, Room 348
    San Bernardino, CA 92401
    (909) 383-4334

    Workers Compensation Insurance
    Department of Industrial Relations
    Division of Workers' Compensation

    303 W 3rd Street, Room 400
    San Bernardino, CA 92401

    You may also visit the CalGOLD and State of California Professional and Business License Handbook websites to determine additional licensing and permit requirements that may be required from the State or other regulatory agencies. Links are below.

  • File A Fictitious Business Name

    The owners of a business who use a fictitious name (one other than his/her own name) for their business must clear the name through the County Clerk to ensure no one else is using it. For more information contact:

    San Bernardino County
    Auditor-Controller/ County Recorder

    222 W. Hospitality Lane
    San Bernardino, CA 92415
    (909) 386-8970

  • Find A Suitable Business Location

    Before applying for your business license you should contact the Planning Department at (909) 820-2535 to determine the correct land use or zoning required for your specific type of business. A City Planner can explain what zone is required or any other special City requirements that may be required. Your proposed business location may be within the boundaries of the Business Improvement Special Tax District (BIDA). If you need any assistance in finding a suitable location in the City, please contact the Economic Development office at (909) 879-1150.

  • Obtain An Occupancy Permit

    All businesses located in a "commercial location" must obtain a Building Occupancy Permit issued by the Building and Safety Department. If you plan on doing any building improvements, you may also be required to obtain a building permit as well. Please contact:

    City of Rialto Building and Safety
    150 S. Palm Avenue
    Rialto, CA 92376
    Certificate of Occupancy: (909) 820-2503

    If you are a home based businesses you must obtain a Home Occupancy Permit before applying for a Business License. Please call the Planning Department - Home Occupancy Permits: (909) 820-2535

  • Apply For Your Business License

    Application (link below to download) requires the following:

    • Obtain and Complete the Business License application form. You must have the names of all owners and officers. For each owner and officer, you must provide a home address, phone number, social security number and driver's license number.
    • Obtain Building/Home Occupancy Permit.
    • Pay appropriate fees.

    The following information must also be included prior to acceptance of the City Business License application:

    • Photocopy of Fictitious Business Name, Articles of Incorporation or partnership documents.
    • Photocopy of Driver's License and Social Security Number.
    • Copy of Appropriate Professional License(s)
    • Copy of SBOE Re-Sale Permit

    All applications for licensing will be reviewed by various City departments for proper zoning and use prior to issuing the final business tax certificate.

Last Updated: 12/7/2004
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