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Code Enforcement On-line Property Complaint

To submit a property complaint, please send an email to the following email address.
Note: All complainant information is confidential and protected by law (California Civil Code Section 1798.24). For additional information referencing this matter, please contact the Code Enforcement Division Monday thru Thursday 7:00A.M. - 6:00P.M. at (909) 820-2636.


Procedure for Complaint Response:
Once your complaint has been submitted thru the on-line property complaint system, a Code Enforcement Officer will investigate the complaint within 5 working days. If any violations are present on the property, the Code Enforcement Officer will issue a Correction Notice or a Notice of Violation requesting all violations to be corrected within a minimum of 30 calendar days. Failure to comply with the Notice of Violation may result in the issuance of an Administrative Citation. If an Administrative Citation is issued, the property owner will have 15 calendar days to correct all violations to avoid a fine. Failure to correct the violations may result in a Property Tax Lien being placed on the property and/or the City may proceed to criminally prosecute the owner to gain compliance.

Last Updated: 04/27/2011
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