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Fire Department

BE204 at Jesusita Fire

The men and women of the Rialto Fire Department are proud to be members of the community and place public safety and service at the top of their priorities. In 2011, we responded to over 8,500 emergency calls to assist the public.

Our department provides fire protection and emergency medical service that includes advance life support and transportation to the community. Additionally, we deliver fire prevention activities, hazardous materials and technical rescue response capabilities, and disaster preparedness programs.

The department’s firefighters and staff offer volunteer opportunities that allow citizens of Rialto to participate in serving the community during special events and citywide emergencies. Our organization supports training and exercises for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT Team), Fire Explorers, Reserve Firefighters, and a Chaplains’ program.

Our Training Division has logged over 16,000 hours of classroom and field training. Much of the training is mandated at the federal, state, and local level. This training includes incident command, paramedic and emergency medical technician first aid classes, driver and supervisor training, fire prevention, and public safety.

Our Fire Investigation Unit will participate in an Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) Task Force agreements that will reimburse our team for personnel, equipment, and training costs.

In November 2011, construction was started on a new fire station to replace a forty year old facility that had become obsolete. This new fire station will be located at 1700 N Riverside  (Station Site Plan)

In December of 2011, the fire department took delivery of a new rescue vehicle was that purchased from federal grant funds. This vehicle will improve our ability to provide resucue services to members of our community. Additionally the department recently put into service a specialized fire engine capable of fighting brush fires in our community and the surrounding areas. This vehicle is located at Fire Station 204. Our citizens’ benefit from newer fire engines because of reduced maintenance costs that comes with older vehicles and state of the art features that offers enhanced safety, reduction in environmental impact, and the newest technologies.

The department is committed to look for alternative funding opportunities through grants, cooperative agreements, and training reimbursement. In 2008, the department replaced all of our frontline breathing apparatus with grant funded equipment. The new breathing devices have the latest in technologies to offer better safety and performance.

The dedicated members of our Fire Department will continue to provide quality and efficient all hazard services to the citizens of Rialto and our surrounding neighbors.

Last Updated: 5/22/2013
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